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  1. Ninja Kiwi Team

    BTD Battles on iOS and Android Free!

    Battles is out now on Android and iOS devices for free! Go head to head with other players in this custom designed mobile version of Bloons TD Battles, featuring 2 brand new tracks, awesome Tower and Bloon Boosts, and a completely redesigned energy system.

    Grab it now on iOS: http://newgam.es/BattlesiOS
    Or if you've got an Android device: http://newgam.es/BattlesAndroid

  2. Achievement Unlocked!

    Philipp32123 earned the Top 10 Achievement in SAS4

    2014-04-24 14:17:30 +0100
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  • MonkeyCity

    Gimme that!

    Pillage $10,000 from other players.
  • MonkeyCity

    Sweet Revenge

    Revenge 25 Monkey v Monkey attacks.
  • MonkeyCity


    Successfully defend against 3 Quick Match Monkey v Monkey attacks in a row.
  • MonkeyCity

    Land Surveyor

    Capture 10 pieces of land of any kind
  • MonkeyCity

    Land Ahoy

    Capture 250 pieces of land of any kind.
  • MonkeyCity

    Feel the Power

    Supply your city with a total of 1,000 power.
  • MonkeyCity

    Bling Worthy

    Build up a bank balance of $10,000 City Cash.
  • MonkeyCity

    MOAB Mauler

    Destroy 1,000 MOABs.
  • MonkeyCity

    Red City Honor

    Reach 50 City Honor
  • MonkeyCity

    Blue City Honor

    Reach 100 City Honor
  • MonkeyCity

    Green City Honor

    Reach 300 City Honor
  • MonkeyCity

    Yellow City Honor

    Reach 600 City Honor
  • SAS4

    Level Up

    Reach level 2 with one character
  • SAS4

    Goes up to 11

    Reach level 11 with one character
  • SAS4

    Field Commander

    Wipe out 10,000 zombies with the Assault Team skill (Assault class)
  • SAS4

    Not Today

    Resist 1,000 zombie attacks using the Die Another Day skill (Heavy class)
  • SAS4

    For Me?

    Open 10 Strongboxes
  • SAS4


    Open 100 Strongboxes
  • SAS4


    Kill 5 or more zombies with a single car explosion
  • SAS4

    None Shall Pass

    Defeat all zombies on Onslaught without allowing either of the ramp doors to fall
  • SAS4


    Rescue every single survivor on the Survivors map
  • SAS4


    Allow every survivor to, well, not survive
  • SAS4


    Destroy every breakable object in the VIP's mansion
  • SAS4


    Complete Last Stand without a single zombie getting through
  • SAS4

    Complete Set

    Encounter and destroy 1 of each zombie, elite, and boss type
  • SAS4

    You Shamble, I Scramble

    Pulverize 5,000 Shamblers
  • SAS4


    Obliterate 5,000 Stalkers
  • SAS4

    Oh Spit

    Chew up 5,000 Spitters
  • SAS4

    Run, Zombie, Run

    Kneecap 5,000 Runners
  • SAS4


    Drop 5,000 Bloaters
  • SAS4


    Add your first augment to any weapon or armor piece
  • SAS4


    Fill any augmentation slot up to grade 5 on any single weapon or armor piece
  • SAS4

    Mo Betta

    Make a total of 50 augmentations across all weapon and armor pieces
  • SAS4

    Top 10

    Fill any augmentation slot up to grade 10 on any single weapon or armor piece

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